Maui 2007 – Day 1

Maui Trip!

Day 1 – 6 Jan 2007

We got up at 4:30 and left at 5:30 .. We arrived at the new and improved fly away and got right on the bus. We arrived at LAX and
checked in with no problems at all. Everything went so smoothly we had time to eat breakfast and relax until the flight.


The flight was somewhat bumpy and the landing was a bit wild because of the trade winds – but we made it!. After we landed we got our rental car.

It is a PT Cruiser convertible. Not much room in the thing but it will work for us. We drove to the hotel to check in and got our room. The room was amazing!



It even has a full kitchen!

We drove over to a little shopping center and got something to eat and poked around a bit. We ate at the Hula Grill on the beach complete with live entertainment – it was very nice. We also walked around the shops in the area a bit.


Then we went for a drive along the northern shore and got some great views of the ocean.


The sun was setting and we were getting pretty tired from having to get up so early and the jet lag and all so we decided to head to bed early. Tomorrow we have an orientation from Pleasant Hawaiian about what all tours are available and a FREE BREAKFAST!

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