Fire & Ice – time to go home


Today was our last day of the cruise and we were at sea heading for Dover.  We had to pack and we had our last dinner with our new friends.  We attended the last art auction, and we visited my favorite slot machine for the last time (she wasn’t very cooperative).

P1010051 P1010050 P1010049

We have to disembark early tomorrow and then we will have a looooong day of waiting in the airport and a VERY long flight home…

This has been a wonderful cruise. We had so many fun and interesting adventures, and we met some very wonderful people.

We are looking forward to seeing family, friends and our pets at home, but we’re not really looking forward to getting back into the work-schedule.  We’re grateful for the awesome opportunity we’ve had to take this amazing trip.


The white Cliffs of Dover – as best as we could see them in this weather.


Where do we go next??