New Caledonia/Vanuatu

In October & November of 2015 we were blessed to be able to take another journey on the Golden Princess.  This time, we started in Sydney, Australia and ended in Melbourne. We got to see some beautiful tropical islands in Vanuatu and New Caledonia.  Such a great trip!

20151104_103432 (Small)The cruise started in Sydney Australia.  We then took a 2 day cruise to Melbourne.  For the locals, this was a seperate cruise.  We weren’t really aware of that when we booked it.  The first few days were like a ‘party boat’ for locals who were onboard to celebrate the Golden Princess’ maiden voyage to Melbourne, which she would call her ‘home port’ for a few years.  We got quite a welcome in Melbourne with big golden banners carried by helicopters.

The staff onboard told us that the passengers on that first ‘leg’ ran them a bit ragged, and it took them a few days to recover!

Here’s the Itinerary:

October 27 (Tuesday) – Arrive in Sydney and explore around the harbor
October 28 (Wednesday) – Board Golden Princess
October 29 (Thursday) – At Sea
October 30 (Friday) – Arrive in Melbourne, Australia
October 31 (Saturday) – At Sea
November 1 (Sunday) – At Sea
November 2 (Monday) – At Sea
November 3 (Tuesday) – Mare, New Caledonia
November 4 (Wednesday) – Lifou, New Caledonia
November 5 (Thursday) – Champagne Bay, Vanuatu
November 6 (Friday) – Vila, Vanuatu
November 7 (Saturday) – Mystery Island, Vanuatu
November 8 (Sunday) – Noumea, New Caledonia
November 9 (Monday)  – At Sea
November 10 (Tuesday) – At Sea
November 11 (Wednesday) – At Sea
November 12 (Thursday) – Melbourne, Australia & Philips Island
November 13 (Friday) Return Home

On to Day 1 of the trip!