Maui 2007 – Day 6

Maui Trip!

Day 6 – 11 Jan 2007

Unfortunately, we had to get up plenty early to finish packing.


Unfortunately it was time for us to go. But our flight didn’t leave until 2pm so we have a couple of hours to kill. We went out to look around at some local shops for some last minute potential purchases and then we back to the hotel and checked out. From there was slowly made our way to the airport stopping in a few places along the way.

We turned in our rental car and made it to the airport. The line to get on the flight back was quite long but after about an hour we finally went to check in for our flight and it turns out one of our suitcases was 8 pounds over the 50 pound limit! They told us we could pay $50 for a over-weight bag or we could move some stuff from one suitcase to the lighter one but we’d have to stand in the line again. Well we weren’t about to spend $50 for something like that and we still had plenty of time so we elected to just swap things around. As it turns out we only have to get the bags searched (again) and we stood on a much much shorter “bags only” line. It only delayed us about 15 minutes. By the time we got through all the security our plane was beginning to board and about 20 minutes later we were seated and heading home to 42 degrees and a chance of rain and possibly even snow. Definitely not in Maui anymore.

Overall we had an excellent trip! We saw and did just about everything Maui has to offer. We can’t wait until our next journey!