College Fjord, Alaska

Another beautiful day in Alaska – and another day of viewing breath-taking glaciers!

Today’s glacier was even more impressinve than yesterday – this one was about two miles across!

Our Captain did the same thing as yesterday – ‘parked’ the ship in front of the glacier and then after about 45 minutes, rotated the ship so the other side of the ship had the same view for about another 45 mins.  He also had the crew go out with a rescue boat, and gathered some chucks from the glacier – then they brought the ice up on the pool-deck so folks could see them up close.

It was another beautiful day – that photos don’t do justice to.  We did capture some of the calving on video – and even our fun Captain shouting “Booyah!” to our delight.  He was by far my favorite ship’s Captain on all of our cruses so far!


IMG_1205 20170804_181909 20170804_181810 20170804_181740 20170804_181718 IMG_1197

20170804_180926 20170804_180912 20170804_180712



20170804_175432 20170804_175425 IMG_1174 IMG_1173 IMG_1167 IMG_1163 IMG_1161 IMG_1160 IMG_1153 IMG_1149 IMG_1146 20170804_172009

20170804_192926 20170804_192923 20170804_192913 20170804_190047 IMG_1222


After a long and beautiful day, taking in all of the beauty in College Fjord, it was time to head toward Whittier, and the end of this chapter of our cruise.  Being summer in Alaska – it stays light very late.  Adam and Kevin hung out on the veranda until we pulled into port – and the next morning we’ll end our time on Star Princess.


20170804_221447 20170804_221430

On to Anchorage and Seaward!