Cape Horn

Cape Horn, Chile

Monday, March 7 

We awoke to find the day was overcast and rainy, and it stayed that way most of the day. It was mostly a day at sea, where we relaxed, enjoyed some silly old programs on TV, and experienced a “British Pub” lunch. We attended a Port Lecture on Ushaia. In the late afternoon we began to approach Cape Horn.

We bundled up into our warm clothing and headed up to the top deck of the ship to get the best view we could. The ship’s destination expert, Julio Delgado, gave us some commentary over the ship’s speakers as we got closer – pointing out a light-house and explaining about the folks who manage it. Much to our delight, we saw that we were going to circle the Cape with our side of the ship facing it, so we decided to head back to our balcony for a more comfortable viewing experience because it was very cold and windy on deck.

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Art and Cheryl returned to our stateroom with us, and we were able to watch the circling of the Cape from our balcony – and listen to the commentary on our stateroom TV. Even though it was cold, rainy and windy, it was a great experience to be able to ‘Circle Cape Horn.’ We took way too many photos – but that’s the great thing about digital photography! We were later presented with a certificate commemorating the event.

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After ’rounding the cape’ we enjoyed a leisurely dinner with Art and Cheryl and some interesting fellow passengers. Adam and Cheryl attended a Juggler show.

Tomorrow we visit Ushuaia, (Tierra Del Fuego) Argentina

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