Crete (Chania), Greece

Day 9 – August 1st – Crete (Chania) Greece.  When we embarked, we were notified that due to some weather damage, that part of the tour we had planned for the day (Knossos Palace & Heraklion Town) was being cancelled, so we just cancelled the whole tour.

We decided to explore with the family. We all went ashore together and took a shuttle bus to a city square. We shopped a little while and Murray found Mountain Dew!

Then walked to the harbor and shopped there for a bit and explored.

Murray and Steve decided to go explore a sea wall that was nearby and the rest of us stopped for a quick lunch which turned to be a very long lunch as they didn’t seem very interested in serving us at that time. However we eventually did get served and the lunch was just OK (We split a hamburger and fries that didn’t come with a bun).

Before we headed back to the ship, we made a visit to a Synagogue to pay respects..

After that we returned to the ship and had a nice dinner together. We went to bed early because we had an early port of call.

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