Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara, CA  

We’ve been to Santa Barbara dozens, if not hundreds of times, but this is the first time I’ve ever gone there by luxury cruise ship!

We arrived in the morning – and the weather was misty and cloudy.  Adam’s parents met us for Brunch –  We didn’t take a lot of photos – because Santa Barbara already has taken a lot of space in our photo-albums!


Misty morning in Santa Barbara


Our ship at port


Us with Adam’s dad photo-bombing us =)



Adam’s wonderful parents, Art and Cheryl. We had a great brunch and enjoyed a nice giggle at how cool it was that they dropped us off yesterday, and met us at our first port!


Time to get back on the tender – and head back to the ship.



The photo doesn’t do it justice, the moonlight was really pretty.

On to the next port!