Back to Melbourne


November 12, 2015

Melbourne and Phillip Island

Back to Melbourne.  Our cruise is complete and now we have the day to explore Melbourne again.  We have a tour tonight to go out to Philips Island and see the “Little Penguins” (they used to be called Fairy Penguins but I guess that’s not PC).

When we were here at the beginning of the cruise we saw “Queen Victoria Market” and decided it was somewhere we wanted to come back and explore.  It was HUGE – with dozens of merchants selling all sorts of fare.  Half of the market was wares and half was like a farmer’s market / fish market. We wish we had more room in our luggage – they had some cool stuff!

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After we explored the market and had a nice lunch, we explored town and relaxed until it was time to leave for our tour.  Phillip island is several hours away.  Once we arrived, the guide took us on a short jaunt around the island.  We saw wild wallaby and a few baby penguins in their dens.  The “Penguin Parade” itself forbids photography so we didn’t get many photos there.

Basically, what happens is the little penguins wait until dark, and then gather in small groups on the beach after feeding at sea all day. Once they get brave enough, they run across the beach to the hillsides where their babies await in little burrows all around the area.


You can see the stadium-style seating where they have you sit and wait for the penguins to dash across the beach.

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After the penguin parade, it was a LONG bus ride back to our hotel, and then an early morning dash to the airport and home.  Where do we go next??