Alaska 2006 – Day 8

Alaskan Cruise

Day 8 – July 24 2006

Here we are docked in Whittier. Unfortunately our cruise is over.


That was fast! But we actually had a great time.

We needed to take a bus from the ship to Anchorage. The ship docks in Whittier because Anchorage doesn’t have a “deep sea” port. This photo is of a tunnel we went through that was 2½ miles long. This was a long narrow tunnel that allows traffic only 1 way at a time and it switches every 30 minutes.

We had some time before our flight to look around in downtown Anchorage. Here’s a wall Wylan painted that was in town. We went to a local mall and had lunch and then back to the airport for our flights home.

So ends our journey.. for now.