Stanley, Falkland Islands

Stanley, Falkland Islands

Sunday, March 6

We arrived at Stanley – which was a Tender port. The weather was a bit overcast and windy in the morning, but turned into a sunny and warm afternoon. On the way to setting anchor, Adam got a few photos from our balcony.

IMG_0517 IMG_0524 IMG_0526 IMG_0531
Adam and Susan took the bus to visit Bluff Cove lagoon -to see Gentoo and King penguins. This started with a bus ride from the city of Stanley (the only city on the island) to a pull-off near the entrance to the Bluff Cove property. Our tour guide gave us a lot of background information about life on Stanley and we found it very interesting. Once we arrived at the gate to the Bluff Cove property, we were met by a small number of land-rover 4×4 vehicles that took us across a large area to the cove. Our driver gave us more interesting insights on what it was like for the islanders during the conflict with Argentina in 1982. He said it was a terrifying experience, and we learned that Falkland Islanders still carry a lot of anger toward Argentina. Our driver explained how the bombing/shelling was physically exhausting to experience, and how he had hidden under the floor-boards in his home.


We had to take tenders into port


Colorful buildings – Reminded us of Greenland

IMG_0538 IMG_0545 IMG_0548


These rocks are a ‘natural fence’ of lava stone

IMG_0550 IMG_0551 IMG_0552

Once we arrived at the cove, there were local rangers present to tell us about the penguins. They explained that the Gentoo penguin chicks had recently headed out to sea, and what we were viewing was the exhausted parents, waiting for their molting to complete so they could also head out to sea. We were asked to stay behind some flags that were in the ground – to give the penguins space – so they could reserve their energy. We were also told about the small number of King penguins in the cove area, and learned that they had a few small chicks that had recently hatched. We were able to get some nice photos of them, and saw them feeding their chicks.

IMG_0555 IMG_0556 IMG_0558 IMG_0560 IMG_0567 IMG_0570 IMG_0588 IMG_0590 IMG_0591

After viewing the penguins, we headed over to a small set of buildings where we were treated to some home-made pastries and cakes and some hot drinks. They had a small gift shop and clean restrooms as well. We collected some sand for our display table and took another look at some penguins that were on the beach near those buildings.


Adam was amused by the bathroom ‘accessory’


Bluff Cove shop and kitchen

IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_060420160306_122749 IMG_0609

Soon our Land Rovers returned for out trip back across the property and our bus ride back to the city.

IMG_0610 IMG_0618 IMG_061920160306_120447 20160306_132609


While we were at Bluff Cove, Art and Cheryl took a shuttle to visit another cove where there were penguins, here are their photos:

20160306_103424 20160306_103903 20160306_104225 20160306_104259 20160306_104512 20160306_104549 20160306_104647 20160306_104658 20160306_104809 20160306_105003 20160306_105106 20160306_105548 20160306_110041 20160306_110100 20160306_113817


We explored the quaint city of Stanley and spent some time looking in shops for souvenirs – before heading back to the ship to meet with Art and Cheryl for a relaxing evening and sail-away.

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