Huatulco (Mexico)

Huatulco (Mexico)

Sat, Dec 16th, 2017

We arrived in the beautiful little port town of Huatulco, Mexico.  When we docked, we were surprised to find a US Coast Guard vessel docked next to us – a large and beautiful ship.

We took the tour “Highlights of Huatulco.”  First stop was the town square where again we were surrounded by street vendors who wanted to sell us local trinkets – not quite as aggressive as Nicaragua though.  It was hot but more imposing was the humidity.

We explored town and a few shops, and then got back onboard the bus for a scenic tour of the area.  Next we stopped for a ‘snack’ at a local business that served us quesadillas and salad and guacamole and an ice cold drink.  It was a nice stop.

These plants were right outside the snack stop we made – full of nasty looking spikes!

Next we boarded the bus again for more scenic touring. We stopped a few times for beautiful photographs, but when our half-day tour was over, we were pretty ready to get back on the ship.

We don’t know the story behind it – but here’s a huge house (or hotel?) that was abandoned. Looks like it was really nice at some point…

We poked around the shops on the pier for a little while and retreated to the air-conditioning on board!

Next up – another day at sea, and then Puerto Vallerta!