Day at Sea

A Day at Sea

Thursday, March 3

A relaxing day at sea – we typically don’t take many photos on Sea days, but we love them!  They are a day to be lazy, spend time reading or watching movies, and enjoying the sea-views from our veranda balcony.  Princess is good about having entertainment throughout the day, and we often will attend port lectures, or demonstrations or craft making classes.

We slept in a bit and met for breakfast.

There was an art show we attended but nothing really caught our eye today. It was still entertaining and we’ll attend the next one to see what’s new.

Susan played in a slot tournament and came in 3rd place … for a while. When we we went back to check it later she had been knocked off the leader-board but may try again in a couple of days.


Susan was on the leader-board for a short time


Cheryl enjoying the Grand Piazza

It was a day of relaxing so we went to lunch and then came back to the room to relax. Later that evening, after, dinner, Adam & Cheryl went to a show called “Destination Anywhere” by the ships singers and dancers and they enjoyed it very much.

Tomorrow we go to Puerto Madryn to see Penguins!

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