Susan’s digital drawings – part 2

This is part 2  – this page starts in August 2020 (click here to return to part 1)


I didn’t realize when I started publishing my drawings/artwork that the page was going to get so long!  I also think that most people don’t really want to keep scrolling all the way to the bottom to see the newest work.  So I’ve started ‘page 2’ of my artwork – and on this page the newest work will be at the top of the page – and then you can scroll down for older work.  I hope folks enjoy it!


Here’s my latest creation:

I’ve been seeing very cool block-color stylized drawings that folks online are making – tried to mimic it here – this is our dog Zoey – and her beloved tennis ball! 08/22/2020

This was the latest “You can Draw this” tutorial from #Artwithflo – simple yet elegant way to create a golden sphere. 08/22/2020

This was an “Every Tuesday” tutorial that I attempted 08/19/2020 – It was an exercise to show dimension – and I guess it mostly worked – didn’t really make the plants the way I wanted – but it’s a nice technique using shadows and motion blur.

“Blood Moon” Copied this technique from “Orchino” – a user on a Facebook group I’m part of. I like the technique and made my own variation. 08/16/2020

“Olive Wreath” – August 16, 2020 – this was another light and fun tutorial by “Every Tuesday.” Even though it was really simple – I did learn a new technique from it.

“Fresh Basil” August 16, 2020 – this was from an “Every Tuesday” tutorial. I was not up for a complicated drawing today – so this was light and fun.

Almost gave up on this one. It was a Tutorial from Art with Flo – but not in her normal fashion – she recommended color picking on our own – and blocking the whole painting in first – which I struggled with quite a bit. I was just about to give up and work on something else, but decided to push myself. Glad I did – I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

This was a “You can draw this” tutorial from “Art With Flo.” It was a long and crazy week at work, and I needed a fun drawing like this to start off the weekend and get my creativity going.

This was from a tutorial from James Julier. “Woodlands with Heather – landscape.” I enjoyed making this artwork – as usual, James created an interesting and fun landscape to draw. I really enjoy his videos! – August 9, 2020


This is something a little different. I created this as an experiment – it’s a seamless pattern. It’s for things like blankets or clothing with wrap-around printing. I made it ‘cartoony’ on purpose so most of the components are not very realistic, but hopefully you can tell what they are! I’m going to try to market items for ‘print on demand’ and this is my first attempt!

Meadow with Birds “You can Draw this” tutorial with Art with Flo. This was a quick and fun tutorial. Flo used a bunch more birds than I did – oh, and one of my drawings was featured at the beginning of her video. My drawings have been featured in a few of her videos – it’s always a fun thrill when she does that – I really appreciate it! August 7, 2020


This one was a fun challenge from Art with Flo. Getting all the little details and bubbles were time consuming. I figured out about half-way through it that my sketch portion had some mistakes in it – so I had to restructure a bit and add an extra ice cube, but it turned out okay – I think. August 2, 2020


This was from a SkillShare class by Art with Flo. It took a few hours because of all of the intricate details – but I really learned a lot from it and enjoyed it quite a bit. 08/02/2020


A quick, fun “You can draw this” tutorial from Art with Flo. 08/01/2020