Skagway, Alaska

Another beautiful day in Alaska!

The last time we came to Skagway we took a trip up into the Yukon, and visited a dog-sledding compound, and then took the Yukon Railway back into town.  This time we took a drive up to the Yukon Suspension Bridge and then attended another salmon bake.  We couldn’t resist the fresh Alaskan salmon!

There’s a “tradition” for cruise ships at the Skagway port.  Crews like to paint the name of their ship and their captain during their first visit to the port. They’re a little hard to see in this photo, but that’s what the ‘graffiti’ is you see on this hillside.  Some of them are quite detailed!


We arrived in port, on another beautiful day in Alaska – and boarded our tour bus that would take us out to the Yukon and the suspension bridge.

20170802_081423 20170802_081430

Our tourguide gave us a history lesson on the gold-rush time and the requirements that each individual participating in the gold rush was required to bring 2,000 lbs of supplies.  This was a difficult requirement for folks to fulfil, and they had to get creative on how to transport it, and make multiple trips into the Yukon from the port area.  We had heard the story on our first visit to the area, but it’s still fascinating.

We arrived at the suspension bridge and explored the area for about an hour.  They did a really nice job of building the bridge and the surrounding platforms and facilities – to illustrate the early inhabitants of the area (fur traders, native Americans and gold-rush hopefuls).













After we left the suspension bridge, it was time to go to our salmon bake in Liarsville.  On the way, we saw a bear! When she first came into view, she had two little cubs with her, but none of us got our cameras out quick enough to photograph them…they were hiding in the bushes behind mom.





Then we arrived at Liarsville.  We were told that it was inabited by reporters during the gold rush, and that they sensationalized a lot of the news surrounding the rush – so that’s how it got that name.


20170802_121633 20170802_123742 20170802_123744

We enjoyed our salmon bake (again with the yummy sweet glaze!), and it was time to head back to town. Our guide stopped at this vista across from our ship.


20170802_132021 20170802_132027

Our guide dropped us off in town for some shopping and exploring before it was time to get back on the ship.

20170802_142235 20170802_142242 20170802_143607

Then it was time to head back to the ship – and time to set sail…




20170802_205257 20170802_205311

Onward to Glacier Bay National Park!