Kotor, Montenegro – again!

Day 14 – August 6th – Kotor, Montenegro.

This was our second visit to Kotor, and we were looking forward to it because we had enjoyed it so much the first time.  The highlight of Kotor is the old town, which is within a protective wall.  Last time we were here, Bonnie and Steve had climbed the wall – to a vantage point over 1200 steep steps up…This time, Bonnie, Steve, Adam and Murray wanted to scale the wall – they got off to an early start.  Adam made it about a quarter of the way but the climb was a bit steep – so he decided to wait for the others to complete the climb and come back.  Steve decided to wait with him, while Bonnie and Murray finished the climb.

High level map of the walls above the city

Pretty view from the wall!

(not our photos) Here’s what the wall looks like. Pretty steep and in disrepair in some places

Bonnie at the top!

They all came back into the city area just as Susan and Cheryl had arrived.  Cheryl had a gift for Boris Kustudic who they had spent time with during our first visit to Kotor – he is an artifact restoration expert, and had spent a lot of time chatting with Cheryl, Bonnie and Steve the last time we were here – so they brought him a gift of wine from the ship wrapped up in a Trader Joe’s bag from California. He seemed very touched by the gift and invited them to come stay with him if they ever return to the area.

Adam and Susan at ‘the moat’

Nice view of ‘the moat’

We liked the ceiling in this shop.

There are a lot of small alleys like this around the city.

More alley-ways.

We like to take photos in grocery stores in other countries.

A giant seagull decoration in the city. (companion to the giant lamp and giant bench we photographed in our first visit here.)

More of the pretty architecture.

Such a pretty entry to this home – Cheryl wanted to call it ‘home!’

Some of the shops we explored.

The gang all spent time shopping and exploring the city more – Steve and Bonnie went in search of some fresh avocados – so we parted ways at that point.  After we had purchased a few souvenirs we headed back to the ship – we were only in port until 2:30 so our time was limited.  That night we had an appointment with the Art staff regarding an art work we had purchased.

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