Susan’s Digital Drawing projects

I have always liked to draw – from childhood.  I guess not just drawing, but all art in general.  Over the years, I’ve dabbled in pencil and ink drawing, animation, water-color, and oil painting.

In late 2019 I purchased an iPad – interestingly enough, not for art – but for taking notes at work.  I had recently attended a class on User Interface Design (because I’m also an IT nerd) and noticed a few of the attendees taking their notes on iPads.  When I asked what software they were using – they said a product called Good Notes.  I was intrigued – and have been wanting to move to digital note-taking instead of the clunky note-book based note-taking I did at the time.

So, I purchased the iPad and Good Notes and the Apple Pencil – and started using it to take my daily notes – although Good Notes is an awesome program, because I’m a PC person – I struggled with converting my notes from the iPad to my PC.  So while experimenting with note conversions, I came across another thing people were doing with Good Notes – bullet journals.  I started playing around with bullet journals and templates and artistic flare to add to journals to make them fun – and stumbled upon some blog posts about a program called Procreate for digital drawing.  The more I looked, the more I was interested in trying it out for myself – so I purchased Procreate – and after watching some videos on how to use the program, started playing around with it.

December 26, 2019

I don’t recall which tutorial this was – it was when I was still trying to find cute ways to add art to bullet-journals – and it was an example someone used – very obvious that I had no clue what I was doing! (12/26/2019)


I started researching more about digital drawing – I had not ever considered this as an art-form for me.  I thought of more tangible mediums like canvas and maybe rocks or clay, or walls, etc.  The more I looked into digital art, the more interested I became – even thinking about creating art for things like t-shirts or stickers.  Before I could consider anything like that though, I’d need to improve my skills!

As I started to see the potential in digital drawing/illustration – and decided to look for some real tutorials.  I found “Art with Flo” on youtube.   She’s such a great teacher!  I watched a couple of her videos and I really liked her style so I decided to give one of her drawings a try…

My first digital drawing that turned out like it was supposed to! 01/11/2020


I enjoyed this so much, that I tried a more complicated one…

Building on the ‘banana’ theme – here’s a more realistic looking one! (01/12/2020)


While making this drawing, I learned a LOT about different brushes and color pallets. I didn’t use the brush she recommended – I used standard brushes that came with Procreate, and I don’t recall if I used her color swatch or not, I don’t think I did.  I was pretty happy with the outcome – which inspired me to keep doing these tutorials!

I started to understand the value (and fun) in new brushes and I learned how to use her pallets for these.  Procreate brushes are a new addiction for me, I’m afraid – I keep collecting them!  This is one of my only complaints of Procreate – I wish that there were more easy ways to organize brushes and swatches – but maybe there are, and I just haven’t discovered them yet!

So here are my next three “Art with Flo” tutorials:

Bubbles (01/13/2020)

Mountains “sticker” – 01/13/2020

Chili-pepper – January 12, 2020 Yikes, this is much more ‘wobbly’ than I wanted it to be – so it taught me about ‘streamline’ in brushes – that make for more smooth lines.

Oh and here’s one more from January 12th – that I was not very happy with.  I was trying to multi-task between doing the tutorial and listening to something on TV – lesson learned!

Potion bottle – January 12, 2020


I think it’s pretty safe to say that I was ‘hooked’ at this point and very much enjoying doing tutorials and learning more about digital art, and layers, and masks, and brushes and pallets.  I had some familiarity with those things with my limited experience with Photoshop – but found them very intimidating.  Now I think I might be ready to try Photoshop at some point – but for now I’m having a lot of fun with Procreate!

Here are the next drawings I created:

Pizza slice – January 17, 2020

Fried Egg – January 17, 2020

I was starting to see that it was possible to make things look fairly realistic (with a lot more practice!) which is a style that interests me.

Water effects – January 19, 2020 – this was an exercise in learning more about the brushes

Specialized brushes tutorial from “Art with Flo” – January 19, 2020

The palm tree in the above drawing is actually a ‘brush” that Flo provided to her students. Just a click of the pencil – and poof – tree!  Brushes can be nice – but sometimes they feel like cheating – I want to be careful how/when I use them.

My first attempt at a landscape – Art with Flo tutorial – January 19, 2020.  I want to try it again, now that I understand more about the brushes and the layers – I’m not happy with how the trees look.


As you can probably tell – I really enjoy doing “Art with Flo” tutorials – I learn a great deal from her.  I also like her personality and teaching style – so I decided to ‘sponsor’ her on an application called Patreon.  For a small fee – you can support your favorite artist(s) and get early and exclusive access to their art.  In Flo’s case, she has some Patreon-only art, and she provides free brushes to her sponsors every month. You don’t have to sponsor her to learn from her though – she publishes a lot of free tutorials on Youtube as well.   I also sponsor James Julier – he has a slightly different structure for his sponsors.  I recommend this platform for artists, and those who want to learn art – it’s been worthwhile for me.

I’ve found quite a few artists that I enjoy following online – and at the moment I find myself closely following these folks – I’m sure I’ll find more, and try other ones as I expand my knowledge:

Art with Flo

Let’s Draw with BeeJayDel

Bardot Brush

Every Tuesday

Water effects – January 19, 2020


“Art with Flo” tutorial – Boat at Sunset – another attempt at a landscape. January 21, 2020

I’m a little happier with this tutorial over previous landscape attempts…. still want to work more on these…

Beach and water experimentation – January 21, 2020

More experimenting with beaches and waves – wanted to try without a tutorial – meh…

Water droplet – I learned how to use the ‘liquify’ tool to create this look – January 23, 2020


A new and fun way to use brushes! Another great tutorial from Art with Flo – and she provided the brushes – I like this concept! – January 25, 2020


I really liked this tutorial from Flo – it taught me about making mirrored images for reflections – and motion blur. – January 26, 2020


A more advanced tutorial from Art with Flo – and I’m not very happy with how it turned out. A co-worker asked me to make the fish look happy – so I made him smile! January 27, 2020


Another tutorial to learn how to draw a flame – Art with Flo – January 31, 2020

I don’t really like how the candle turned out – but I like the shimmery effect in the background.

I really loved doing this tutorial with Flo – I learned how to make realistic looking fur and eyes – and I love tigers – so it was great fun to do! February 1, 2020


More learning about the on-board tools of Procreate. – February 1, 2020 (still experimenting with a signature style)


I had fun making this one – Another Art with Flo tutorial – but I used my words instead of hers. – February 1, 2020

This was a cute tutorial by flow – to teach about making feathers. – February 5, 2020

Not really happy with the Owl – but it was fun to experiment with the textures.

Teapot – Art with Flo tutorial – I really like how this turned out! – February 15, 2020


Experimenting with some brushes I found online and some techniques I picked up from tutorials. – February 16, 2020


A fun and interesting technique – from an “Art with Flo” tutorial – February 18, 2020

Endangered – I enjoyed learning this technique and wanted to try it out on a different photo – February 18, 2020


Another fun tutorial – Art with Flo – February 24, 2020


My first attempt at creating a drawing from a photograph without a tutorial! I think it turned out pretty good – then I learned a bit more about Procreate and how easy it is to accidentally delete your art!
February 24, 2020


An “Art with Flo” You can Draw this – tutorial – I like the ‘luminous’ effect! – February 29, 2020

I liked the jellyfish from Flo’s tutorial – so I decided to try to make another one – maybe a little more realistic – February 29, 2020

I had so much fun doing the jelly-fish, that I combined two ‘styles’ into a new ‘happy’ cartoonish jellyfish – March 1, 2020


A fun “Kawaii” style leaf tutorial by “Let’s Draw with BeeJayDeL” – March 8, 2020


BeeJayDel is another artist I like to follow – I learn a LOT from him on shadows and layers.  His style is more cartoon-ish – and I usually lean toward more realistic pictures – I think I will benefit from doing cartoon illustrations and other types as well – so I like to do his tutorials.

Butterfly tutorial – using the symmetry tool in Procreate – Art with Flo – March 8, 2020

Two kinds of trees – I like them both! Art with Flo – March 9, 2020


Another cool feature of Procreate is that you can make animations! This was a very fun tutorial by Flo. March 10, 2020

A fun donut tutorial from Art with Flo – learned how to do the cute three-dimensional look here – March 14, 2020

Another “Art with Flo” tutorial – Stars at night – I like doing landscapes – this was fun! – March 15, 2020

“Every Tuesday” tutorial – simple but pretty flowers – March 17, 2020

Skillshare project – Art with Flo – March 18, 2020

Flo started offering her classes on Skillshare as well as Patreon and Youtube – she lets her Patreons attend for no extra charge – it’s a nice gift from her.  This was her first class – the apple is too wobbly – but I learned some more about brushes.

Ham – March 19, 2020
I made this in response to an internet challenge from our friend Tom Cornwell – the Covid-19 ‘shelter in place’ order was just put in place and people were getting creative online – making up drawing prompts. I had fun trying to mimic the look of the meat – no tutorial used.

Art with Flo tutorial – March 20, 2020

This one was fun to do – and lots of folks gave me really positive feedback on it.  I think it’s because we are all under ‘stay at home’ orders – and everyone is craving the outdoors!

A fun matchstick tutorial from Art with Flo – March 22, 2020

This was fairly complex and I think I got a little lost in the layers – but it turned out cool.

A fun lettering tutorial from Lisa Bardot ( – March 28, 2020

Inspired by a “Bardot Brush” tutorial – a little something cheery for everyone who has to stay at home. – March 28, 2020

Tom Nook from “Animal Crossing” game – tutorial by Art with Flo – April 4, 2020

A quick, fun good-luck clover from “Art with Flo.” – April 4, 2020

Sunset through the Trees – A landscape tutorial by James Julier – His style is different but I like his landscapes – somewhat impressionistic – April 5, 2020

Another cute Kawaii style drawing – cookie by “Let’s Draw with BeeJayDeL” – April 5, 2020

Another “Every Tuesday” tutorial – that I changed just a little – April 12, 2020

Bardot-Brush “Stay home and Draw” tutorial – so bright and colorful! – April 12, 2020

Lighthouse “you can draw this” tutorial from Art with Flo – I love when she does these simple but fun tutorials – I learn from each one of them! – April 17, 2020


Cute cactus – two styles – Art with Flo tutorial – April 17, 2020

Sunflowers – another “Every Tuesday” tutorial by Teela Cunningham – April 17, 2020

I don’t generally like water-color art – but I think it’s a good skill to understand and incorporate – and I really enjoyed doing this one.

A fun lettering tutorial from “Let’s Draw with BeeJayDeL” – April 19, 2020

This was really fun to do!

An interesting tutorial by James Julier – I am not real happy how it turned out – but I learned some interesting techniques from it. – April 19, 2020

Misty Lake – James Julier tutorial – I like the foggy effects – I will probably try to do this one again with more realistic looking trees – but I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on this one – April 19, 2020

A fun ‘you can draw this’ tutorial by Art with Flo – April 24, 2020

A slight variation on the Tucan – inspired by a mural in my office – April 24, 2020


A fun tutorial from “Every Tuesday” – Teela Cunningham. Eucalyptus leaves – April 24, 2020

Another landscape tutorial from James Julier – he creates impressionistic landscapes – and just a few scribbles give the impressions of trees and bushes – April 25, 2020

I changed up the landscape from James Julier a bit – added trees that were a bit more realistic – with different brushes and techniques I have picked up – also added a little deer and a bird – I am learning I prefer more realistic over impressionistic – April 25, 2020

A Bardot-Brush “Stay home and draw” creating – Scandinavian inspired – May 1, 2020

A more advanced landscape tutorial attempt – Art with Flo. – May 2, 2020


Here are some additional pieces from May of 2020 – we are still under ‘safer at home’ quarantine orders because of Covid-19 – and it’s affecting my creativity – but even though I’m not feeling very creative- I still want to work on my art as frequently as possible – because I think each drawing improves my skills and knowledge.

This was another “Art with Flo” tutorial. A quick and fun desert scene. I have a few more complex drawings from her that I want to work on – just need to get out of my current funk and do them – I always enjoy them, and am glad I did them afterwards!

This was a tutorial from Teela @ “Every Tuesday.” She has a fun light and easy style that I like – and want to keep working on. Hers had the name of the plant (monstera?) but I like it without the lettering.


Another ‘sticker style’ tutorial from Art with Flo – simple but satisfying!


This is just an experiment – I’ve been seeing folks creating ‘paper cut’ or 3-d drawing styles – and wanted to play around with it – I like the technique – I’ll have to try experimenting with it more.


Did this on May 24th – another James Julier tutorial – I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I struggle with the trees though – They are impressionistic – which is fine – but I want them to be more realistic. I like how he showed me how to create dimension in the snow with shadows and lighter colors.


Another fun ‘sticker’ type drawing from “Art with Flo.” I did the trees a bit different than hers – but used her tree brushes from one of her other tutorials!  – May 30, 2020

A quick fun drawing from “Every Tuesday” – May 30, 2020


Just a quote I found that spoke to me – missing my Teaka kitty – and other kitties we’ve loved and lost over the years.  This one isn’t really qualified as a drawing – I used cat silhouette brushes. – May 30, 2020


This was based on another James Julier tutorial. It turned out okay – but I was distracted while making it – by the terrible news on TV about riots in Los Angeles. The riots are actually in several cities throughout the country – due to the death of George Floyd – who died during an arrest. I don’t want to get political on this page – but I’m heartbroken about the senseless violence.  – May 30, 2020


That’s it for now – I have more in progress – and will share more soon!