On our way!

Departing for Buenos Aires, Argentina


We got up really early and took River to the kennel.  Then we got picked up at 7:15 by Art & Cheryl & Allison. We drove to the airport and got there nice and early (around 8:30). When we tried to check in our baggage the Kiosk for American Airlines didn’t spit out a baggage tag so we had to go stand in another line which took so long that Allison made it home before we even we even able to check in our luggage! (Thanks Allison for helping us with this trip!)

Finally, around 9:45 we finally got to our gate for our flight at 11. From there everything went as expected except the plane was some old model Susan thinks was taken out of mothballs. No internet, no individual seat monitors, no air vents, no nothin’. But we made it Miami just fine. We watched “The good dinosaur” during the flight.

In Miami we quickly double-timed it to our next flight and got on a much nicer Aircraft that took us to Buenos Aries, Argentina.
We arrived in Buenos Aries and went through the super long immigration line but finally met our driver and were on our way to the ship. Traffic here is absolutely crazy. The traffic lights and lines on the road seem to be a suggestion only. It was a white knuckle experience but, somehow, we made it one piece.

When we pulled up to the terminal it was massive chaos because there were 5 ships in the port and it took a while to figure out where we needed to go and what-not but we were able to check in. Then we he had to take a shuttle bus, after all that, to the ship. We made it on-board and a little while later our luggage arrived so we were finally ready to unpack, relax and start our vacation.

We met Art & Cheryl for Dinner and had a nice dinner. Then we were really tired from all the flying (we can’t sleep on the plane) so we went to bed early. Tomorrow we have an excursion of Buenos Aries!


Allison was kind enough to help out with transportation – Thank you Allison!


Art was at the wheel as we headed to the airport.


View from the plane


Tiny city of lights


Navigation app on board the plane showing our progress – while we were in route.


As we arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina – wow that was a long trip!


One of the many toll-booths we passed through. Traffic was crazy!


Driving in this city is crazy! Our driver was very aggressive – but he got us to the terminal safely!


We saw a lot of familiar businesses in the city.


Ahh – time to relax at last – this was the view from our veranda balcony.


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