Anchorage & Seward Alaska

Time for the cruise portion of our vacation to end.

We got up and were already docked in Whittier (closest port to Anchorage).  Next to our ship was the much smaller ship we would take an afternoon cruise on – and then be taken to our hotel in Anchorage.



We boarded our ship and had a lovely cruise, but the glaciers we visited were not as active or as large as the glaciers we saw on the previous two days.  It still was a beautiful day though, and we had a great cruise.




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After our cruise – we were taken to our hotel in Anchorage (after some frustrating transportation problems), and had a very nice dinner on a rooftop of a restaurant near our hotel.  It stayed light until after 10pm.

20170805_214144 20170805_214147 20170805_214150 20170805_214154 20170805_215954

The next morning, we took a lovely drive to Seaward, and poked around the shops a bit, before taking the long and beautiful ride back.

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Back in Anchorage, we did some shopping  (Kevin ended up finding some nice new boots for work) and then it was time for dinner (Golden Corral!) and to get ready to head home in the morning.


The view from our hotel room


We had a little time to kill before we headed to the airport – so we went to the local Mall, where Adam ran into our tourguide from the Suspensiion bridge tour! How crazy is that? He was starting his own vacation!


It was a great vacation in Alaska, and it was also great to get home to our pets and family.

Where do we go next??