Caribbean 2007 – Day 1

Our Caribbean Cruise!

Day 1 – Sun-22 July 2007

We awoke bright and early and got ready to go. We said goodbye to all our critters knowing they would be safely in the hands of Jennifer the pet-sitter we hired to look after them. We sure lucked out finding her as she really seemed to know her stuff and liked our cats (even Sarah).


Kevin and Adam are both excited and ready to go!

 We got picked up by Art and he drove us to his house where we waited for Coolride to show up. Our Coolride trip was.. cool.. and we arrived at the airport plenty early. After the usual luggage check-ins we proceed to our gate and passed the time eating Burger King


There’s Art with his whopper.


Ma, Pat, Steve and Bonnie waiting patiently for the flight. Susan, meanwhile, relaxes while reading the newest Harry Potter book.

 Finally it was time to board and we go on our pretty long 5 hour flight to New York JFK.


On the plane. It wasn’t the most luxurious plane but the time seemed to go pretty fast.

 The flight was relatively uneventful but when we landed we weren’t sure how to get to our hotel at 1am. It took us a while but we finally found a shuttle that could take us there and within an hour or so we were at our hotel ready for some sleep. Tomorrow, however, we need to take our luggage from the hotel back to the airport so we can get a transfer to the ship. That should not be fun since we have a lot of luggage. But who cares? We are all excited to be getting on the ship tomorrow and we can’t wait!

On to Day 2!