Alaska 2006 – Day 6

Alaskan Cruise

Day 6 – July 22 2006

(Daily Princess Patter Pg 1Pg 2Pg 3) – Red dots indicate events we attended

Today is a day at sea. We are to cruise through Glacier Bay.

We got up for breakfast and then went up to the top decks for a good view of Glacier Bay.

This is the first piece of ice we saw! Hopefully we’ll see some more ice.

Ah! There’s a little more ice. This was snapped as we were cruising through Glacier Bay on our way to the Margerie glacier.

There it is! We spent quite a lot of time here as the ship got right up next to it and we spun around to give everyone a good view.



As you can see it looked awesome! The blue color was amazing – these photos don’t quite capture how blue it really was. It was also a nice warm day.

We got very lucky as the glacier was breaking up all over the place as we were next to it. We heard a very loud cracking sound and then we saw sheets of ice fall off. Above is a photo of some ice hitting the water. It was incredible.


There were all sorts of seagulls surrounding the ship looking for goodies. We were asked not to give them anything. They would fly right up the cabins and look around.

We spent most of the day looking at the glacier and Glacier Bay and then we went to the chili cookoff and had some good chili. Later we had won some free bingo tickets so we tried that (didn’t win – BUT we got only 1 number away).

Next we entered an area of the ocean where whales were known to be. We got very fortunate and spotted quite a few of them.

Here’s a humpback whale photo that Adam got.


The sunset and scenery is just wonderful up here.

This was formal night #2 so we got all dressed up again and went for dinner.

Click on the above photo for a bigger picture. Don’t we look great? (This is actually a photo from the first formal night – but it looked good here.)

We had a great lobster dinner and then went to a juggling show. The juggler didn’t really do anything “new” but he still put on a very entertaining show. After that Kevin went to watch a movie with some friends he had met onboard and Adam and Susan went to try their luck in the casino. Susan won a little and Adam lost a little. That’s the way it usually works.

Tomorrow is our last day of the cruise and we are at sea. We are looking forward to seeing more glaciers, a tour of the Galley, etc.

On to Day 7!