Caribbean 2007 – Day 14

Our Caribbean Cruise!

Day 14 -Sat-4 August 2007


The view from our hotel room. The Chrysler building was right across from us.

Our last day in New York! We got up early and grabbed a quick bite to eat and then walked around a little
bit and visited the New York library but it wasn’t open yet.

 So we decided to head downtown by City Hall to shop around down there at an electronics store. We decided to take the subway and use the last of our subway passes. In fact we think we have the subway thing figured out finally!


The entrance to a subway. Adam looking at a subway map saying “I don’t know where we are”.

We didn’t find any exciting deals where we went so we took the subway back and then just waited a little while for the shuttle to pick us up to take us to the airport.


Here we are all gathering together to get ready for our ride to the airport.


Some last minute looks at New York…

 After we arrived we checked in our luggage, got our boarding passes and then had lunch. The flight back was fine and when we arrived at the airport in LAX our ride was there to pick us up and bring us back.


 We made it back home by around 10pm. All in all everyone had a really good time and we enjoyed seeing and being with everyone. We can’t wait until our next adventure!

Adam and Susan would like to thank Cheryl, Art, Kevin, Steve, Bonnie, Allison, Jack, Pat, Ma, Geraldine, Murray, Laura, Elaine, Jeff and Evan for making this whole trip one we will never forget!