Cartagena, Columbia

Sunday, December 10, 2017 – Cartagena, Columbia

Arriving in Cartegena

Cartagena is much larger than we expected!


Even though it was December – Whew, it was HOT. We arrived in Cartagena and our tour for the day was a Hop-on/Hop-off bus tour. Were supplied head sets and a map to follow along.

The architecture was interesting.

First stop was a walking 1.5hr walking tour of the old “Walled City.” One thing we didn’t appreciate was being constantly hounded by street vendors.  From the moment we got off of the bus, there were people trying to sell us Panama Hats, cold drinks, and trinkets.

Our guide – getting us set up with audio head-sets for our walking tour.


Our guide took us through the archway entrance, and gave us information and history about the city and interesting landmarks.

Arched entrance to the Walled City. Decorated for Christmas


We saw some street performers and an artists at paint landscapes on mirrors with his fingers. It was hot and muggy with high humidity.

Inside the walled city

There were many lovely Christmas decorations all over Cartegena.

These ladies wanted money to have your photo taken with them.


We stopped in a very welcome yogurt shop that had air conditioning. They gave us samples of yogurt and sold drinks or larger cups of yogurt.

Then we saw the statue of the La Gorda. Local legend is if you touch her breast – you will be blessed with luck and love.

After the walking tour of the city, we boarded back on our bus which, in the middle of making a u-turn, broke down.

Our bus broke down in the middle of a u-turn – and even this little donkey cart could pass us.


We had to walk up to the next stop and await the next bus which was only about a 10 minute wait but it was very hot and humid and we were swarmed by more street vendors for hats, purses, and drinks. In the background you can see Castillo San Felipe de Barajas.

We were told about an old part of the walled city which is not a place for home made crafts and gifts so we got off at the stop and couldn’t find it. But got a couple of nice photos.


Once we gave up trying to find the craft market, we went back to the bus stop and caught the next bus which also had mechanical problems .. so it never went more than 10 mph so it took all kinds of time to get us back. It should have been about 20 minutes but took more than hour .. so we ran out of time to explore the aviary and monkeys and exhibits that were at the terminal so we took a few quick snapshots and went back to the ship.

That night we went to dinner, met some fellow passengers, enjoyed some on-board entertainment…

Sailing away from Cartagena


Next is the Panama Canal!