Adriadic & Aegean Medley 2019

We had a wonderful opportunity to travel to the Mediteranian with family and a family friend during the summer of 2019.  Adam and I (Susan), had the pleasure of being joined by:

  • Adam’s parents: Art and Cheryl Carpet,
  • Adam’s sister and husband: Bonnie and Steve Parrish,
  • and a dear family friend: Murray Hill.

We had been planning the trip for nearly 2 years, and it involved a 15 day Princess cruise (actually 2 back-to-back cruises) and extra time in Europe for all of us with variations.

Art and Cheryl started the trip sooner than the rest of us – starting out in Poland, which was very meaningful for Cheryl because her beloved Grandmother was from there.  She explored beaches and areas where her Grandmother walked and spent time.

Adam and I and Murray and Bonnie and Steve all started in Rome.  Bonnie and Steve arrived first and then Murray and Adam and I. We spent two nights in Rome – at the Royal Santina hotel.   More about the hotel soon. Here’s our cruise itinerary:

At the end of the cruise – Cheryl and Art headed home and the rest of the group spent the next 2 nights in Barcelona, exploring the city.  After the 2 nights in Barcelona, Murray, Adam and Susan headed home, and Bonnie and Steve continued exploring Europe with visits to France, Switzerland and England.

Here’s us all at the beginnings of our parts of the trip:

Art and Cheryl starting out for Poland

Adam and Susan starting out – flight 1 from LAX to Atlanta.

Susan in her business-class cubbie – from Atlanta to Rome

Adam and Susan – about to leave for Rome!

Almost to Rome!

Bonnie and Steve embarking on their flight!

Murray ready for his flight!


Here are direct Links to individual parts of the trip:

On to Rome, Italy!