Caribbean 2007 – Day 10

Our Caribbean Cruise!

Day 10 – Tue-31 July 2007

(Daily Princess Patter Pg 1Pg 2Pg 3) – Red dots indicate events we attended

Here we are on the last day of the cruise. That sure went by fast! Today is a day at sea so we slept in this morning and awoke to an overcast and cooler day. We had to pack all our stuff and have our luggage outside the cabin for pickup by dinner tonight.

 Adam got up early so he packed all his stuff early and then everyone went to breakfast/lunch at the buffet. Another cruise and still we’ve never ordered room service. Maybe one day.. There was all sorts of stuff going on today that we wanted to be a part of. Adam went to get a copy of
the bill (so far) and Susan went back to the room to start packing. The final art auction was coming up so we decided to go to that. We didn’t really like any of the art this cruise except for the piece Susan won so we decided to get that framed. We’ll get it framed and shipped home.



Our cabin. The balloons were put up on the 2nd day of the cruise. We had a blue one but it disappeared. The last photo is of the closet and the dresser and safe. Overall we were pretty happy with our cabin.

 Then while Susan finished packaging Adam and Allison ran down to the photo gallery to get a professional photo. Then we all met at the final dinner of the cruise.


The girls and the boys at dinner.

 As usual the Waiters and Busboys did an excellent job this cruise and they were
very friendly. We had Michael Garcia as our waiter and Roseben as the busboy.


Our waiter and busboy. Both did an excellent job!

They did the baked Alaska desert but it wasn’t on fire instead they used those cheap-o battery powered “flames”.

The baked Alaska wasn’t exactly on fire. What a rip off.

After dinner we went over to the lounge for the farewell show where we say a singer (Joe Sackenheim) who was pretty good and then Philadelphia Plowden came back for a new show and he was very funny again.

The “Princess Theater” where most shows were held.

 We still had a little bit of credit left on our casino cards so we decided to use those up while we still had the chance. We didn’t win in the casino this trip but we had lots of fun in there anyway.

 Tomorrow we disembark very early and Adam is planning to get up and take some photos as we pass the status of liberty again. Then we think they will be booting us off rather quickly. We’re still not sure how we will be getting from the port to the hotel so tomorrow’s update should be rather interesting! Looking forward to checking out New York!

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