Fire & Ice Cruise 2010

Our Fire & Ice cruise Travel-Journal

We love to travel and we especially love cruising!  We’re blessed with the opportunity to go on a very amazing cruise and we created this little website so we could share with friends and family as we head out on this adventure.

Now that our cruise is over, and we’re recovering from our Jet-lag, we’d like to share our memories with friends and family.  Our plans to upload a blog update every day didn’t quite work out as planned because the technology isn’t far enough along to allow for the bandwidth necessary to upload all the photos we wanted to share… we tried, but after several attempts that ate up many expensive minutes of internet connectivity, with nothing to show but an error message we resigned ourselves to the fact that we’d be limited to updating the site while we were in ports that had public wi-fi.

So here we are sharing a portion of the many hundreds of photos we took as we traveled to exciting and interesting ports… as well as an (almost) daily account of our activities….hope you enjoy!

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