Fire & Ice – A week before

Today’s thoughts (a week before the cruise)

One week from today we will be embarking upon a great journey.  It’s a little hard to get excited at the moment because both Adam and I have a VERY tough work week ahead.  I have some personnel issues that are weighing heavy on my heart, and I also need to perform my mid-year evaluations for two entire teams.  It’s already a short work-week because of today being a holiday and on Thursday we are scheduled to go to an all-day meeting with our senior manager to give him a monthly update on progress of current projects and issues.

So much to do!  But by this time next week it will all be behind us, and we’ll be heading for New York where we will be taken to the harbor and again get to visit with our old friend the Tahitian Princess.  Only now, she has a new name, she’s the Ocean Princess.

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