Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

Mon, Dec 18th, 2017 – Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)



The sun was just rising as we were gliding into port.  I couldn’t get over the loud sound that the birds were making, so I made a short recording – wow!

We don’t know the story, but there was a interesting Pirate Ship docked near us.

Up early once again for a top 10 tour of Puerto Vallarta. We drove around the town and then stopped to visit a church and walk around a town square.

Then back on the bus for a photo stop overlooking the ocean and the ship, and then to another Church.

These folks were balancing rocks – very talented!

Then we went to a Tequila manufacturing place where we got to see how Tequila is made and got to taste all sorts of samples. We enjoyed a lot of them and bought a couple of bottles of flavored Tequila.

Then we went to the restaurant El Set that overlooked the ocean and had a nice shrimp plate lunch. It was very good. After that it was time to return back to the bus which returned us to the port.

Our tour guide told us that this used to be Elizabeth Taylor’s house.

We poked around the pop-up tents near the dock for some last minute trinkets but didn’t find anything that really appealed to us. We returned to the ship and had a relaxing evening as we sailed away from Puerto Vallarta.

We’re nearing the end of our lovely trip.  We had two more days at sea, and then arrived back in Los Angeles.


Where do we go next?