AUS / NZ – Day 4

Australia / New Zealand

Day 4 – November 2 2011

Today is the start of our cruise and we are very excited! We got up plenty early and packed and then went to breakfast. We had a little time for some last minute shopping. For the most part the stores here aren’t very familiar to us but some were.

Coke had this cool thing going where you can buy a coke that says “Share a coke with (Name)” and we looked all over the place and could never find one that said Susan so we could get a nice pic with both us sharing with the other but they had all sorts of other names including.. Adam! So here’s a pic sharing a coke!

Then it was time to head back and catch a cab to the airport. We had been told it would be all sorts of various prices from $35 – $60 for the ride. We had a fast cab driver who got us there in no time for only $22! So we were a bit early but the line to check-in was already open.

After we checked in we had to wait a while to board because we were still pretty early but eventually we got on.

We got to our room and opened the door and couldn’t believe it! This room was HUGE. It had a little entry, a little living room, a seperate room for the bed, dressers, 2 tv’s, a full bathtub and seperate shower, the toilet was in its own room, a walk-in closet, all sorts of stuff! It’s certainly the biggest room we’ve ever had on a ship!

It even had a balcony with 2 doors. Lots and lots of room!

And we were both happy!

We had lunch at the buffet and then came back to the room to unpack, wow at the room a bit more, and relaxed on the balcony. Here’s the CityCat boat we took a couple of days ago from our ship.

Then, around 5:00 or so, the ship started to leave. We waved goodbye to Brisbane and then went to the always exciting Muster Drill.

From there we had missed the regular dinner since we had such a late departure our of Brisbane and wanted to watch us sail away so we went to the buffet and then explored the ship a bit. Then we went to a “Welcome Aboard!” show which is nice. Susan then wanted to try her luck in the casino and actually lasted quite while on very little money.

So that’s it for today! What a great way to start our cruise! We are now looking forward to 4 days at sea (3 days at sea and one day of “scenic cruising” in the fjordlands) so we shall be doing lots of relaxing! Looking forward to it!

Here’s the random photo of the day!

On to Day 5!